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[PL][Polska] Altis Land niespodzianki :)) !!!!!  31/80

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 Kosiarz Umysłów 0 0:38:50 
 papolo 0 0:38:37 
 Hunta 0 0:38:26 
 LeveRn 50 0:38:15 
 BadBone 0 0:38:12 
 Namek 0 0:37:57 
 moda foka 0 0:37:56 
 Lubie_Dzieci 0 0:37:53 
 Wanted 0 0:37:35 
 jpik27 60 0:37:31 
 TheCorel 0 0:37:06 
 jassi 0 0:37:05 
 CatZ 0 0:36:25 
 KituS 0 0:36:24 
 Bezimienny 0 0:35:43 
 blaszQa 0 0:34:37 
 Ruter Rutkowski 0 0:32:55 
 PtaszNikov21 -1 0:32:52 
 Widly 0 0:30:17 
 MrDamiZKS 0 0:29:50 
 Clipcio [Dark] -1 0:29:04 
 COP | GIENIO 007 -1 0:26:45 
 Krystian 0 0:26:08 
 DanioX 0 0:17:46 
 -= IRA =- WEROSK 0 0:17:25 
 OFF_men 0 0:16:01 
 STITCHES 0 0:13:11 
 Rudinsztajn 0 0:08:11 
 Kosu 0 0:07:06 
 krik [Polska Husaria] 0 0:03:32 
 Nayt Skunax 0 0:02:42 

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ARMA 3 is an open-world, tactical shooter video game developed by Czech studio Bohemia Interactive for Microsoft Windows. It was released on September 12, 2013. ARMA 3's storyline takes place in the mid-2030s during the fictional Operation Magnitude, a military operation launched by NATO forces fighting in Europe against "Eastern armies" referred to as CSAT (Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty) led by a resurgent Iran with a coalition of other Middle Eastern and Asian nations.

Set more than 25 years after the events of ARMA 2, in 2035, NATO forces deployed to islands of the Aegean Sea are trying to hold off a massive CSAT's offensive from the east. During the singleplayer campaign, the player takes on the role of a US Army soldier, Corporal Ben Kerry. Initially, the player must survive on his own after friendly forces are defeated in a failed NATO operation. During the campaign, the player will face everything from lone wolf infiltration missions to the commanding of large scale armored operations. The player will be able to choose different objectives and weaponry (such as UAVs, artillery, and air support) according to their play style.

ArmA 3 - GamePlay
ArmA 3 - Cheat Codes
Complete Current Mission for ArmA 3:
Hold the left Shift button while pressing numpad minus (-) during a Single-Player game
to bring up a hidden cheat textbox (This will be invissible). Then enter the code
'endmission' (without the quotes) to complete the current mission.
Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your
achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View
all my games", then the game and view stats.
Achievement Description
Every Man for Himself - Epilogue B completed. You choose to escape Altis on your own.
Guerilla Warfare - Episode Adapt completed. You have gained the trust of the FIA
movement and prepared the way for a NATO invasion.
Peacekeeper - Epilogue A completed. NATO has accepted the AAF capitulation.
Question of Loyalty - Episode Win completed. You have chosen your side in the final
hour of the invasion.
Tactical Withdrawal - Episode Survive completed. You have survived the AAF attack
and escaped Stratis.

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