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*versionMVDSV 0.31-dev
Last Map : dm3



In Quake '​s single player mode, players explore and navigate to the exit of each dark and Gothic level, facing monsters and secret areas along the way. Usually there are buttons to press or keys to collect in order to open doors before the exit can be reached. Reaching the exit takes the player to the next level. Before the start level, there is a set of three pathways with easy, medium, and hard skill levels. The fourth skill level, "Nightmare", was "so bad that it was hidden, so people won't wander in by accident";) the player must drop through the water before the Episode 4 entrance and jump into a secret passage.

Quake - GamePlay
Quake - Cheat Codes
When you enter these cheats you'll need to bring up the CONSOLE or by using
the (~) key or hit ESC, selecting Options and then Console.(this way takes
to long!) Then your set to type in the following cheats to get what ever
ya want!

GOD - god mode(don't use it too long,cuz it'll say
"Jhon Doe has died of boredom!")
GIVE S - shotgun shells (replace ? w/ any # 255 or lower)
GIVE C - battery charge (replace ? w/ any # 255 or lower)
GIVE R - rockets (replace ? w/ any # 255 or lower)
GIVE N - nails (replace ? w/ any # 255 or lower)
GIVE H - health (replace ? w/ any # 999 or lower)
NOCLIP - allows ya 2 walk through walls
MAP E1M - warp to ? map (replace ? w/ #)
IMPULSE 255 - quad damage mode
NOTARGET - enemies don't see ya untill you shot at em
FLY - ya can fly (use D key for up, C key for down)
IMPULSE 11 - gives you the jewels (1 for every time ya use
it- you'll only need to use it 4 times)
SV_GRAVITY -50 - reduces gravity(repalce w/ any)
Crosshair 1 - Gives you crosshairs
Fov X - Increases peripheral vision (where x is your field of vision)
Give # - gives weapon #
3=Double-barreled shotgun
5=Chain nailgun
6=Grenade launcher
7=Rocket launcher
8=Laser gun
Impulse 9 - All Weapons
Kill - suicide
map e#m# - Level Warp
Map End - Takes you to last level
R_Fullbright 1 - Everything is bright
Version - Gives you version information
Nightmare Skill

Start in Normal skill mode. Go into the 4th episode but don't
get into the time portal. When you fall out of the water,
go to the console and type in "Fly".
Go up , turn left, and enter the doorway...
Step into the water but don't fall through. Swim all the way against
the wall on the same side you enter the water (where the shield is in
deathmatch). Now fall through and you will land on the rafter. Walk on
the rafter right into the Nightmare entrance.
Fight against Shub-Niggurath:
Choose hard to difficult level. When you come from the teleport
to ep-choice hall walk straight to forward for a few seconds.
Then type noclip and hold c until you come to tunnel. There's a
gorge where you have to jump. It's take you automatically to secret
level where you can fiight against Shub-Niggurath.
Shareware Version:

To use these codes, type them at the console.
(Press the ~ key to get to the console)
Actions Results

GOD - God Mode
NOCLIP - No Clipping Mode
IMPULSE 9 - All Weapons and Keys
IMPULSE 255 - Quad Damage
GIVE # - Gives any # gun
GIVE R # - Get Rockets
GIVE N # - Get Nails
GIVE H # - Get Health
GIVE S # - Get Shells
GIVE C # - Get Cells
KILL - Suicide
FLY - Fly Mode
MAP E#M# - Level Warp
NOTARGET - Enemies Won't See You
impulse 11 - Gives you one of the runes
r_fullbright ## - Gets rid of Shadows
sv_gravity ## - Change gravity of the level
REIGISTER1 - Game thinks its registered
QUAKE Commands and Cheats:

Here's a list of all commands you can use by pressing the [~] (tilde)
key on your keyboard. This is called to 'CONSOLE (MENU)' wow :)
Note1: most things are no cheats, but maybe you can use them.
Note2: # means that you have to fill in a number at that spot!
ALIAS - Set an alias besides playername ????
AMBIENT_FADE ### - Set the ambient fade ????
BEGIN - Networkgame function
BF - Screen lights up, dunnow!
BGMBUFFER #### - Set the buffersize (networkplay?)
BIND - Give a key a special function in the game
CENTERVIEW - Center your viewport
CHANGELEVEL [E#M#] - Change to level E#M#
CLEAR - Clearscreen in the console screen
CMD - ????
COLOR - Select color (teamplay/networkgame)
COM1 - Setup Comport 1 for Modemplay
COM2 - Setup Comport 2 for Modemplay
CONNECT - Connect your 'client' to Quake Server
DEMOS - Start a demo
DISCONNECT - Disconnect from server in networkplay
ECHO - Works the same as the dos command ECHO
EDICTCOUNT - Info on something ????
ENTITIES - Info on which opponents in game
EXEC - Execute a script (script -> make them
FLY - Flymode
FOV ### - Change your viewdistance or something like
FRAGLIMIT - Change some sort of limit, I dont know!
GAMMA .# - Change the view due to Gamma Rays, COOL!
GIVE # - Give Weapon:
Axe 1
Shotgun 2
Double Barrelled Shotgun 3
Nailgun 4
Perforator 5
Grenade Launcher 6
Rocket Launcher 7
Thunderbolt 8
GOD - Godmode
HELP - Helpscreen
HOSTNAME [name] - Give your Server a Name. Default: UNNAMED
IMPULSE - Impulse??
KICK [name] - Kick user from the network game
KILL - Suicide!
KILLSERVER - Kills the current Quake Server
LISTEN # - Change PC into Listen Server (non-dedicated)
LOAD - Load a Saved game
MAP E#M# - Same as CHANGELEVEL command
MENU_KEYS - Keys Menu pops up
MENU_LOAD - Load Menu pops up
MENU_MAIN - Main Menu pops up
MENU_NET - Network Menu pops up
MENU_OPTIONS - Options Menu pops up
MENU_SAVE - Save Menu pops up
NAME [name] - Change username from "player" into [name]
NET_STATS - Network Stats
NOCLIP - Walk through the walls
NOISETRACK - Said: 'Couldn't open'
NOTARGET - Opponents don't see you anymore as a target.
PAUSE - Pause
PING - Client Ping Times
PLAYDEMO - Plays (demoname)
PLAY - Play
POINTFILE - Load Pointfile
PRESPAWN - Didn't work on my console, network only!
PROFILE - Guess some debug info
QUIT - Quit the game
RECONNECT - Reconnect to Server, didn't work at my PC
RECORD - Record your own demo for quake
RESTART - Restart the level
REGISTERED # - With values 0 and 1
SAVE - Save current game
SAY - Say something to other players
SAY_TEAM - Say something to your/other teamplayers
SBINFO - Info on your Soundblaster device
SCREENSHOT - Save screenshot
SENSIVITY ## - Mouse Sensitivity ????
SHOWPAUSE # - If set to 1, 'GAME PAUSED' will be shown at
SIZEDOWN - Make the screensize smaller
SIZEUP - Make the screensize bigger
SKILL #.######## - Change your skill (??)
SLIST - Quake Server List (Network game)
SND_SHOW # - If set to 1, debug info on Sound displayed
SND_NOEXTRAUPDATE - If set to 1, extra debug info shown I guess
SOUNDINFO - Info about Sound System(device)
SOUNDLIST - List of Sounds/Music
SPAWN - Network option, set if objects return in the
STARTDEMOS - Start a demofile
STATUS - Shows info about current game. players status
STOP - Stop demo recording (used together with RECORD)
STUFFCMDS - Executes several commands at the same time
SV_AIM #.## - Sensitivity aiming (1.00 = you hit always!)
SV_FRICTION # - Sensitivity friction
SV_GRAVITY ### - Sensitivity gravity, set gravity
SV_IDEALPITCHSCALE #.# - Sensitivity Pitchscale
SV_MAXSPEED ### - Sensitivity Speed
SV_NOSTEP # - Sensivitity Steps
SV_STOPSPEED ### - Sensitivity Stopspeed
TELL - ????
TEST2 - Test?
TIMEDEMO [demoname] - Get info on Demo
TOGGLEMENU - Quits Console Menu
UNBIND - Unbind, remove command from a key
VERSION - Shows info about compile time/date of quake
VID_DESCRIBEMODES - Shows which videomodes Quake supports
VID_DESCRIBECURRENTMODE - Says in which mode quake is running
VID_MODE ## - Change to mode [1-10]
0: 320x200
***** MODE X-STYLE MODES *****
1: 320x200
2: 360x200
3: 320x240
4: 360x240
5: 320x350
6: 360x350
7: 320x400
8: 360x400
9: 320x480
10: 360x480
VID_NUMMODES - Says how much videomodes are available
VID_TESTMODE ## - Tests video mode [##]
VID_WAIT ## - 0: no waiting
1: wait for vertical sync active
2: wait for display enable active
VIEWMODEL - Said: 'No viewthing on map' (debug info?)
VIEWFRAME - Said: 'No viewthing on map' (debug info?)
VIEWPREV - Said: 'No viewthing on map' (debug info?)
WAIT - Wait ????
Well Of Wishes secret:

This is a secret extra for the Crypt Of Decay (Episode 2 Map 3). After the spiked
hall, go forward, turn backwards, then look to your right. There is a room there
where you must take a leap of faith to cross. Get the quad and keep going towards
the wall until you reach a hall. Enter it and go down and swim. The Dope Fish is
at this location. Go to the left of the fish and shoot to find the exit to the
secret level.
Nine Inch Nails logo:

Look closely at the nailgun ammunition boxes to see the "NIN" logo for Nine Inch Nails,
the band that did the music for the game.
Make everything disappear:

In map Episode 1 Map 4 (Grisly Grotto), kill the knight but do not use the buttons to
make the platform fall at the beginning of the level. Instead, jump into the indent
in the floor and enable the noclip code. Then, activate the buttons and the platform
will fall through you. Deactivate the noclip code and enable the sv_gravity 10000 code.
When you close the console window you will instantly fall about 100 feet below the
level. Enable the noclip code and hold [Swim Up]. When you come back up through the
floor, walk through the level. You will find that nothing is present. There will be
no buttons, doors, weapons, ammo, monsters, etc. All that remains are the level
limits and textures.
Secret Credits Room:

There's a secret credits room found in the Underneath level by shooting all of
the pictures of demons.

In Episode 2 Map 7 (secret level), shoot all of the gargoyle faces once. They will
bleed. Then, go to the long, flashing corridor where you encounter two Hell Knights
in alcoves. Shoot the wall of the second alcove to reveal a hidden room containing
the initials of Tim Willits and Teresa Chasar, along with a raven symbol for the
raven levels that they made for Doom 2.

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