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Across Age
Cheat mode: Successfully complete the game to unlock the cheat options....
Airport Mania - First Flight
Unlockables - Paper Airplane mode: Successfully complete all 48 levels to unlock "Paper Airplane mode" at the "Options" menu....
Alive 4-ever
Unlockables - Bonus weapons: Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon. Golden Desert Eagle: Reach 10 minutes in Survival mode. GAK : Complete 24 waves in Horde mode. M4 : Complete 16 waves in Horde mode. P90 : Complete 8 waves in Horde mode....
Almighty Mr.Ice
Extra Stage: To unlock the difficult Extra Stage, beat stages 1-8 on the Hard difficulty....
Angry Birds
Unlock everything: If u beat the whole game you get extras and unlock everything Unlockable How all birds - beat new courses - im just contributing extrtas - beat Golden Eggs - Hidden Levels: Complete the conditions to unlock the hidden Golden Egg levels Code Effect Golden Egg Level 1 - Get 3 stars in every level worlds 4-5. Golden Egg Level 2 - In the level select screen, tap the sun. Golden Egg ...
Asphalt 4 - Elite Racing
Hint - Quick start: For a turbo boost in the beginning, press [Gas] when it says "Go!". Press [Turbo] two more times after that to get 3x turbo boost....
Aurora Feint 2 - The Arena
Slower game: In versions before v3.1, play music while the game is running with the application's sound settings turned on. It will be as if the Time Stopper power-up is being used constantly. In v3.1 or later, hold one of volume buttons during game play to get a similar effect. Audio Slowdown Exploit: Playing music on your iPhone or iPod Touch while using this application with the application's s...
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