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Spasms: Pin him up by his head and move him around slightly....
Unlockables - Breakout mini-game: Select "About" then hold the middle button briefly and a mini Breakout game will appear. If you have a newer iPod, go to "Legal", then hold the center button....
Get more points: If you want to get more points go out of iQuarium and go to your settings change the time to 11:59pm go back to iQuarium and open you will get 143 ponints you can keep doing this as many times as you want! Make sure to feed your fish as the game thinks it's a new day! You can also change the date to like 2-3 days ahead and it will give you points for those days! Don't try more tha...
Iron Man - Aerial Assault
Hard mode: Successfully complete all ten levels. Hard mode can be selected at the top right corner of the level selection screen. You will have the Mark II Armor in Hard mode....
These are the codes to get the section of the achievements. Unlockable How Rain - Green button + switch with the top facing. Tornado - Blue button + Circle lever facing down. Electricity - Circle lever facing Sideways + switch with the top facing. Snow - Switch with the top facing + Circle lever facing Sideways. Fire - Circle lever facing down + Circle lever facing Sideways. Hurricane - Circle lev...
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