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Virtual Families
Cash Cheat: Open settings, go to general, and tap date & time. Change the date to 2008 (two years before whatever year you're in), and then open your virtual families app. Play with them for a while, about 5 minutes, and then open settings again and change the time back. When you open up your app... Yay! You'll have at least 100,000 dollars! There will be lots of trash around the house but you can...
Virtual Villagers 3 - The Secret City
Unlimited honey: If one of your villagers likes to run, have that villager smoke the hive. By doing this, the bees will stay and you will have never-ending honey. Start with lots of food: Before starting the game, set your system date ahead by one day. Start the game. After smoking the bees and planting your first seed , allow the game to run and set your clock to the correct date. You should now ...
Select "Personal Info" at the main menu. Select the "Manage Users" option. Then, select the "Change Name" option. Enter one of the following names to activate the corresponding cheat function. The message "Cheat On" will appear in red to confirm correct code entry. Effect Code 24 lives - Enter FORSIX as a name. Alternate gun - Enter I_GUNZ as a name. (*) Additional backgrounds - Enter NO_ID_ as a ...
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