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Crimson Skies - High Road to Revenge
Cheats: During gameplay, enter codes. A tone will confirm correct code X, B, X, B, Black - Extra Tokens (10) Y, X, B, Y, Black - All planes Unlocked B, X, A, B, Black - Big Time guns (1000 points damage per shot) A, Y, A, Y, Black - Cash money ($5000) Y, A, X, B, Black - God-like mode X, B, A, X, Black - Unlock Super Hard Difficulty Outhouse in Arixo: In the Arixo Dessert, go to the place where yo...
Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon
Completing survival mode: Pay attention to your health. Get a weapon quickly. Look for items. There will be a mini-Boss for every 70 or 100 opponents that you defeat. Play a New Game Plus frequently to get a lot of strength. By completing this mode, you will unlock new costumes. Try to use Shu Lien and Mu Bai in this mode. Completion Bonuses: Successfully complete the game to unlock the mini-games...
Crusty Demons
Ice Cream Van: Complete the 'Sex and Ice Cream' Mission in New York. Mini Pimp Car: Complete the 'Pimp And Circumstances' Mission in New York. New York Crash Photos: Complete the 'Ghetto Rally' Mission in New York....
CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Help from partner: You can ask your partner for a hint about the case. You can see in what area you have not done, such as locations that you have not thoroughly searched. Sweater thread in Garvey case Go to the iron rod. Use the magnifier. Move all the way down the rod with the magnifier and you should find a thread from a sweater. Secret hair in In And Out: When on the first investigation (In An...
Curse - The Eye Of Isis
Defeating Zombie Boss Bears: Wait until the Bear stands up on its hind legs before you shoot. Darien will then aim at the chest of the bear with the game's targeting system. If you are not hitting it in the chest, you are wasting valuable ammo. The difficult part is getting the bear to stand up on its hind legs. You must stay close to the bear, but not too close. Do this by aiming at the bear and ...
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