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V-Rally 3
Flat cars: Enter "21051975 PTITDAV" as a name. Floating cars: Enter "210741974 MARTY" as a name. Jelly cars: Enter "07121974 FERGUS" as a name. Smashed cars: Enter "25121975 PILOU" as a name. Small cars: Enter "01041977 BIGJIM" as a name. Small cars with high-pitched commentary: Enter no first name and "PALACH" as a last name. Stretched cars: Enter "Gonzales SPEEDY" as a name. Extra challenges: Wi...
V8 Supercar - Race Driver
Bonus competitions: When you complete the LOLA World championship, you need $8 million to unlock two more competitions involving the cars you win in one-on-one challenges. The class "B" championship involves all cars from the row with the Mini Cooper S, while the class "A" championship involves the last row of cars with the Tuscan speed 12 and Toyota GT1. Make sure you have as many cars as possibl...
Van Helsing
Gallery movie 1: While playing the game, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left(2), Right(2), L, click Left Analog-stick, Right Analog-stick, press R. Gallery movie 2: While playing the game, press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, R, Black, click Right Analog-stick. Gallery movie 3: While playing the game, press L, White, Black, R, Black, White, L, Up, Up, Down, Down, Back. Gallery movie ...
Vexx FAQ
____ ____ ____ ___ \ \ / / ____ \ \/ /___ ___ \ Y / _/ __ \ \ / \ \/ / \ / \ ___/ / \ > < \___/ \___ >/___/\ \/__/\_ \ \/ \_/ \/ ================ Vexx (by Acclaim) For GameCube, PS2 and XBOX FAQ/Walkthrough v.1 07/28/03 ================ FAQ by WishingTikal ================ ===================- -Table of contents = ===================- 1.I...
Vietcong - Purple Haze
God mode: Press L + R + A + Down during game play. Sniper rifle: Always use a snipers rifle. This seems to work the best, because you can stay low and pick your targets. If it gets too hot, send your team. If you tell them to spread out, it works better than an attack. Shooting difficult to hit far away enemies: Look at the enemy through binoculars. Center the enemy in your binocular sights, then ...
Voodoo Vince
Unlimited lives: Pause game play, then press X, R, L, A(2), X, Y, White, B, L, R, Black, Up(2), Down, Left, Right. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: If it does not work at first, keep trying as it is difficult to activate. Defeat the gas cans: First you got to get on fire and don't worry this wont hurt you- then go near the gascans=boom. they are still half alive so you pick up the ga...
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