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Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown
Hole: There is a hole beside Sid's paw. Try not to fall through the crack....
Incredibles - Rise of the Underminer
Underminer Threat: Finding the gallery item Go to the third gate that you can break. Then, go backwards until you see a black wall on the left that is cracked. Break the black wall to get the item....
Infinite Space
Extra mode: Successfully complete the game to unlock Extra mode. In this mode, you are given limited resources to find and conquer thirteen systems. Each system has three out of five unique opponents. New Game + mode: Successfully complete the game. You can start a second playthrough with your money and previous character level from your original game. Additionally, you will have access to new blu...
Inuyasha - Secret of the Divine Jewel
Faster level up: This is very easy.Whenever you find Inuyasha along with the others wander around and when you find a group of 4 or more like wid hermits or something just use Inuyasha's wind scar.It gets rid of them and gives you about 50 extra experience points!...
Itsuwari No Rinbukyoku and Geojisui Yunmugok Rondo
Completion bonus: Successfully complete the game. You can start a new session with your cleared saved game file with your previously earned items and money. Bonus characters: Successfully complete the indicated task in the listed stage to unlock the corresponding character: Aegil: In Stage 17, send Serdic to the door east of the starting point while Marie is alive. Alberich: Save and talk with Yum...
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