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Namco Museum
Make the Galagas stop firing Just like in the arcade version of Galaga, you can make the enemies stop firing missiles. In round 1, kill everything but the two left flies on the bottom row. Let them fly around for about 15-20 minutes, until they stop firing their missiles. Kill them, and for the rest of the game, none of the enemies will shoot at you. Dig Dug: Pump faster Go towards an enemy and co...
Nancy Drew - Message in a Haunted Mansion
Level codes Level 2 Ox, Horse, Tiger, Sheep Level 3 Rooster, Boar, Rabbit, Dragon Level 4 Rat, Dog, Monkey, Snake Level 5 Sheep, Tiger, Horse, Ox Level 6 Dragon, Rabbit, Boar, Rooster Level 7 Snake, Monkey, Dog, Rat...
Unlock Kakashi: In order to unlock Hatake Kakashi beat the game with both Naruto and Sasuke. Unlock Sound Test Mode To successfully unlock the Sound Test Mode, just collect all 100 Leaf Symbols and it'll appear on the Main Menu. Unlocking Gaara To fight the hidden Boss Gaara, beat the game with somebody and then start over as them. The levels will change, and the final boss will be Gaara 2nd Missi...
Nicktoons - Freeze Frame Frenzy
Play as Arnold: Fill 60% of the picture gallery. Play as Danny Fenton: Fill 20% of the picture gallery. Play as Invader Zim: Successfully complete the game. Play as Jimmy Neutron: Successfully complete the game. Play as Tommy Pickles: Fill 40% of the picture gallery. All Grown Up World: Successfully complete Danny Phantom World. Danny Phantom World: Successfully complete Ocean Shores World. Invade...
Ninja Cop
Hard difficulty setting Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting. Time trial levels Successfully complete a level in story mode to unlock it in time trial mode...
No Rules
Status Password Level 1 (none) Boss 1 13TYNLP18J34 Level 2 DPTYNLP17ZM! Boss 2 PPTDDLS18J26 Level 3 NKTDDLS18J24 Boss 3 K7RFNLKH8J39 Level 4 JTRFNLKH8J3v Boss 4 TFQFNL9H8J2R Level 5 9HMG6LFYTPVG Boss 5 T8CG7BRYCL56 Various Level Passwords You can use one of the following status passwords... Password Effect 13TYNLP18J34 - Boss 1 PPTDDLS18J26 - Boss 2 K7RFNLKH8J39 - Boss 3 TFQFNL9H8J2R - Boss 4 T8CG...
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