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Ultimate Beach Soccer
Bicycle Kick: Hold L until your player flips the ball up, then press B while the ball is in the air. Press A and your player will do a Bicycle Kick or Volley....
Ultimate Muscle
Easy Win: When starting a match just do B combos until the opponent gets in the yellow. It will be easy to damage your opponent. Unlock all characters: Character - How to unlock young ramenman-beat 3 on 3 mode on normal young buffaloman-beat survival on normal young king muscle-beat story mode on easy with out losing sgt. kinnukman-beat survival mode on hard...
Urban Yeti
Cheatmode: Select the "Continue" option at the main menu, then enter TONYGOLD as a name to unlock a cheat menu with options for level selection, sound test, and difficulties. Second area password: To gain acces to the second area after completeing the soup kitchen minigame, use the password BEATDOWN. Level select: Enter NTTTTT as a password to unlock all levels with the Golden Nut and a bonus leve...
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