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V-Rally 3
Skip Race To skip any race, head to the Fernando Velez and Guillaume Dubail page and press and hold: Up, L, R, B, and A. Then, during any race, press Up and Select to skip that race....
Levelcodes Level 2 AWJW Level 3 Q4KT Level 4 PSLQ Level 5 TQWN Level 6 S3NK Level 7 AM3H Level 8 QKP1...
Van Helsing
Status Password Carriage battle - 9C1 P!W LC1 Escape from castle - 8P$ 7D8 KC1 Vaseria village - 4H@ 5DH 311 On the trail of the werewolf - 65M 5HL 611 Valken the werewolf - 54! 5DV 411 St. Peter's Basilica - 2S5 M12 111 Traveling by train - 3X9 M12 111 Dracula final battle - CG5 B78 *M1 Dracula's castle - BF1 8KF MC1 Dracula's children - 7BQ *24 8C1 End - DL5 BF3 QM1...
Virtual Kasparov
Get an Extra Rook: In Story mode, start any game making sure that your chess pieces are black. Shut the GameBoy Advance off after you make your first move. When you turn your game back on, you will continue your match with an extra rook Story mode regions: Complete the following task to unlock the corresponding region in story mode. Europe : Defeat first four players in Africa. Southeast Asia: Def...
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