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Jett Rocket
Awards: Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award: 1000 Cells: Collect a thousand solar cells. Break Even!: Break fifteen stalagmites in a level. Crushed Ice: Dash twelve Ice-cubes in a level. Dash 'Em All: Dash all robots in a level. Drohn Hunting!: Clear all Drohn robots in a level. Get them all: Get all solar cells in a level. I Have A Secret: Find ten different...
Ju-on - The Grudge
Item locations: Search the indicated locations to find items: Episode 1 1. Inside the locker in the first room. 2. Before the key in the shipping section, in a desk drawer. 3. In the Inspection room's desk drawer. Episode 2 1. In the area of the bed on the right side in Room 307, where Miki hides in bed from Kayako. After the event, it falls near the door. 2. After the 305/306 nurse call, in the l...
Jumper - Griffin's Story
Completion bonuses: Successfully complete the game to unlock the ability to replay any chapter, all intermission sequences, and the War Trophy room....
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