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Zack And Wiki - Quest For Barbaros' Treasure
Song mini-game: Orient the Wii-mote vertically so it is parallel to the screen and pointed at the ceiling. When you need to "shake" for an individual note, sweep the Wii-mote towards your body in a single motion. When the red squiggled lines appeared, use a rapid back and forth motion towards your body and then towards the screen....
Alternate Ship: If you're interested in using an alternate ship from the one you'd otherwise automatically start out with, try the following. At the title menu, hold the A and B buttons and press start with the buttons held. This will give you a newer, fancier looking ship to use. Wormhole to next level: Do you see those metal mask structures that create plasma spheres that destroy all enemies whe...
Zelda II - The Adventure of Link
Special Saving: Have 2 controllers plugged in. With controller 1, push pause; next, with controller 2 press up + A simultaneously; a special save menu will now appear. Zero Keys: If you discover a locked door and posses no key, you can transform yourself into Fairy with the Fairy spell and fly through the keyhole....
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