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NBA 2K13
ABA Ball - Enter payrespect as a code. Three additional dribbling moves - Enter spriteeffect as a code. Under Armour Tourch shoes - Enter underarmour as a code. Easy Virtual Coins: Select "Play Now", "Drills", "Offense", "Dribble Course". You can easily and quickly complete the Dribble Course and get 60 VC each time. Repeat this as many times as desired. This will allow you to obtain a lot of Virt...
New Super Mario Bros. U
Saved game file star icons: Complete the indicated task to add the corresponding star to your saved game file. Star 1: Defeat the final Boss of the main game. Star 2: Collect all Star Coins from Worlds 1 through 8. Star 3: Complete all levels and find all exits in Worlds 1 through 8. Star 4: Collect all Star Coisn in Superstar Road. Star 5: Catch Nabbit in Worlds 1 through 7. End of level firework...
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge
Alternate costumes: Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costumes. Momiji's third costume: Complete 25 Ninja Trials with Momiji. Momiji's fourth costume: Complete 50 Ninja Trials total with Momiji. Ryu and Ayane's third costumes: Collect all 50 Scarabs. Ryu and Ayane's fourth costumes: Collect all 10 Crystal Skulls. Legend Of Zelda reference: Near the first save point in level 1...
Nintendo Land
Donkey Kong's Crash Course: Bonus course: Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding course. Course 2: Complete Course 1 twice. Course 3: Complete Course 2 twice. Course 4: Complete Course 3 once. Plaza: Left-handed controls: Rotate the controller 180 degrees in the Plaza. You can now control the camera with Left Analog-stick, and your movement will automatically be re-adjusted on the...
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