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Red Faction
cheats: 100% armor: Press #86642# while playing the game. 100% health: Press #24559# while playing the game Secret rooms: Go through the level and collect the Remote Mines. Once you witness the "Ultor Guard", kill the miner, go over to him, and kill him. After you kill him, go right instead of left. There is another guard watching over some health and ammunition. Cheats: #86642# 100% armor #24559#...
Requiem Of Hell
Unlimited lives: Pause game play, then Select "Settings" and choose to host a multi-player game. The "Waiting for players" screen will appear, then disappear. You can now continue your game. If you die, simply select "OK" to continue....
Rifts - Promise of Power
Some credits: Go to the: options/features/cheats, type 'psionic' and press accept. In the game, just open the menu, go to the options/features, activate the CREDIT and exit menu. A nice present will await you at the ground....
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