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King's Bounty - A Conqueror's Quest
Kings Bounty Guide Copyright Tony Plakas 1998, 2005 Sega Controls There were a-b-c buttons on the sega controller, in this game, b is the menu/previous menu button, c is a all purpose select type button. Chapter I I prefer the Paladin. Chapter II: What's the deal The point of the game is to capture 20 or so villains hiding in various castles. If you want to get an additional payment on each villai...
Level Codes: Level Password Infestation - CXQYRTDR New Infection - XVRXCGCH Deep Seeding - JRKTRFCW Plains Infection - HTYXMRBR Terra Lesson - VVGHMRBB Terra Decay - BDTDCLCH Cold Entrance - LTHLGLCZ Dark Cavity - NJYHQKGX Dark Obstruction - BJGQRTDP To the Light - NMFNXFCS Infected Forest - LQVTTLBG Old World Infection - WQLYHGCW Penetration - CZBFHGCZ Extraction - WPVLXQBP Remission - KHQFNLCK...
Krusty's Super Fun House
Cheat mode: Enter SMAILLIW as a password. Game play will begin with unlimited lives and all doors open. Level Password 2 WHOAMAMA 3 FLANDERS 4 BROCKMAN 5 SIDESHOW Cheats: CODE KEY IN . . . EFFECT . . . 1 AVST-AA6A No lives deducted when you use the Last Resort 2 AWBT-AA44 No lives deducted when you run out of health 3 AE5T-AAAW Start with 1 life 4 AJ5T-AAAW Start with 2 lives 5 AY5T-AAAW Start wit...
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