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Cheat: Bonus territories: Enter "0" for all portions of the password that are numeric. Begin game play to control extra territories on the map....
Out Of This World
Note: This game is also titled Another World. Level Password 1 LDKD 2 HTDC 3 CLLD 4 LBKG 5 XDDJ 6 FXLC 7 KRFK 8 KLFB 9 TTCT 10 HRTB 11 BRTD 12 TFBB 13 TXHF 14 CKJL 15 LFCK...
Out Runners
Cheat: Virtua Formula mode: Press Left, Right, Left, Right, B, C, A at the title screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Start and select arcade mode to begin game play....
Cheat: Level Password 1 FYBY1QZFQ240Q0 2 89D020JCYY8CZ8 3 P69HOSK7YCKCX 4 TZZY2159Q9YK80 5 SD7X128VZ[Face]KK.8...
Hyper difficulty: Press C(10), then enter the options screen. A new "Hyper" difficulty level that allows faster acceleration will be selectable under the options screen. View ending sequence: Enter ENDING as a password. Secret ending: View the endings after all five goals. Press Start after the ending for the fifth goal to view an alternate ending and credits. Hyper options: Press Start at the tit...
OutRun 2019
Level select: Hold A + B + C and press Start at the title screen. Sound test: Enable the "Level select" code. Press C + Start at the level selection screen. Expert mode: Highlight the "Options" selection and press C(10), Start....
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