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Cheats: Enter these cheats under options once in a game. Effect Code Xen gravity on earth Xen teaches Black Mesa No target mode (nothing attacks you) Soldiers ignore Gordon God mode Otis loves Dreamcast Unlimited ammunition Dreamcast gives firepower All guns available Gordon Ignore Explosives Slow motion mode Action ignore silence Level select (Half-Life): Level Code Anomalous Materials Gordon goe...
Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2
Shadow battle mode: Successfully complete the Shonen Red vs. Benitokage mode as Kayama Yuuichi. Director's chair mode: Go against one of the hidden characters as a final opponent two times in Shonen Red mode. The same character will be unlocked in Director's chair mode. Puzzle art review option: Successfully complete Shonen Red vs. Benitokage mode as Shinguuji Sakura. Successfully complete Shonen ...
All weapons with infinite ammunition The Star Locker contains all weapons with infinite ammunition. To open the Star Locker, break Hank Redwood's records in Leila mode, then complete the game. Note: You may not be able to complete the game normally if the Star Locker is used. Walk through walls Find a location with an elevator with a gate-like door. Hold L to crouch, then press A to open the eleva...
Hidden & Dangerous
Cheat mode Enter "RVL" as a name at the name entry screen and keep the "L" highlighted for the next letter. If done correctly, your name will appear as "RVLL" with the second "L" still flashing. Press Start to delete your name and press B to return to the main screen. "All missions" and more options will now be available. Pause the game during a mission to display a menu with a variety of cheat op...
House of the Dead 2
Infinite ammo While you are driving and geting close to the boss Herophant you will see a item in the middle of the road. Shoot it before the boss comes out and you will get the infinite ammo. Secret Passage At the beginning of chapter 2 when the car drives in, do not shoot at it and when it crashes it will reveal a secret path. Shoot The Rat When you see rats in chapter 3, shoot at them and they ...
Hoyle Casino
$100,000 the Easy Way: For a quick 100-grand, create a new character and go to the Flyin' High $25 dollar machine. Put all your money ($5k) into the machine and start playing with the max bet til you get to 100 credits. It has to be EXACTLY 100, so if you wind up with 101 credits, bet only one credit and spin. Once you've done that, go to the Hoyle Flush $1k machine without hitting Pay Out on the ...
Hydro Thunder
all boats and tracks: Get a new record and enter ?pb as your initials. Secret Place: In Arctic Circle, the turn before you get to the killer whales, go where there is a little ship on the right with a hole in the wall behind it, and then there is a huge ship straight ahead. Stay to the left side and you will go over a bump and then go through a tunnel in the middle of the ship. You will hit a seri...
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