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V-Rally 2 Expert Edition
To Unlock everything At game progression screen press, L,R,Left,Right,Left,Right,Up,Down,Up,Down,A,A,Start. Press 'A' to unlock each box....
Vigilante 8 - Second Offense
Special Attacks Interceptor Missiles Attack 1: Up, Up, Down, Machine Gun Attack 2: Up, Up, Up, Machine Gun Attack 3: Up, Up, Right, Machine Gun Bull's Eye Rockets Attack 1: Up, Down, Down, Machine Gun Attack 2: Up, Down, Up, Machine Gun Attack 3: Up, Down, Right, Machine Gun Sky Hammer Mortar Attack 1: Down, Down, Down, Machine Gun Attack 2: Down, Down, Up, Machine Gun Attack 3: Down, Down, Right,...
Virtua Fighter 3TB
Alternate Costumes When you are selecting a character, HOLD the start button before you select your character with button A. Arcade Backgrounds In training, normal or team battle mode you can change the backgrounds to the orginal arcade versions by letting the time runout in the stage select screen. Change Backgrounds When seclecting a stage, hold START and press A. In Team Battle Mode, when selec...
Virtua Tennis
Play against Master and King: Successfully complete arcade mode using no continues and without losing a round on the normal difficulty setting to play against Master in singles and Master and King in doubles. This can be easily done if the match is set to one round. Play as Master: Defeat Master in singles in arcade mode to unlock him in arcade and training modes. Play as King: Successfully comple...
Virtual On - Oratorio Tangram
Link-mode: To have the link-mode option, press and hold '' Left Trigger + Right Trigger + A + Start'' at the Press Start/Title screen. Move list: MBV-707-F Temjin Power Bomb: Press L. Sword: Press L + R. Long Launcher: Press R. Surfing Ram: Press Jump, Forward Air Dash, L + R. Spinning Sword: Press Analog-stick Left or Right, L + R. HBV-502-H Raiden Ground Napalm: Press L. Laser: Press L + R. Hype...
VMU Football
No Defense If you get tackled on the 1 yard line, there will be no defense on the next play....
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