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Zero Gunner 2
In-game reset: Pause game play, then hold A + B + X +Y and press Start. Replay mode: Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Replay" option at the main menu. Select it to watch the game auto-play. Expert mode: Successfully complete the game under the arcade or higher difficulty setting to play more difficult levels. Full pause screen: Pause game play, then press X + Y. New shooting weapons: ...
Zombie Revenge
Blood Color Option: Beat Arcade Mode. Free Play: Beat all 3 original modes. Level Select: After choosing Fighting Mode, hold Start while selecting your character. Cheat Mode: Obtain as many points as possible in the VMU mini-game to get Eternal Life, Area Select, Free Time Limit and Free Continue options in Original Mode. Different Costumes: At the Character Select screen, highlight any character,...
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