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EA Replay
Desert Strike 10 Lives instead of 3: At the Desert Strike main menu press square to access the password screen and enter the following: Password Effect BQQQAEZ - 10 Lives instead of 3...
Everybody's Golf 2
Bonus courses: Defeat the indicated character to unlock the corresponding course: Autumn Pagoda: Defeat Alice. Central Golf Square: Defeat Malachy. Dino Park: Defeat Lee. El Andes: Defeat Mifune. Fortress Yard: Defeat Lee. Gamelan Island Resort: Defeat Lauryn. Golden Desert: Defeat Montcalm. Michinoku Pass: Defeat Frau Ada. Olive Coast: Defeat Frau Ada. Royal And Links: Defeat Lauryn. Bonus charac...
Unlocks Situation 10: Press: right, down, up, left, circle, X, R, L Unlocks Situation 8: Press: L, R, left, right, square, circle, X, triangle. Unlocks Situation 9: Press: triangle, down, circle, left, X, up, square, right....
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