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Half-Minute Hero
Hero 300 mode: Successfully complete Knight 30 mode to unlock Hero 300 mode. Hero 3 mode: Successfully complete Hero 300 mode to unlock Hero 3 mode. Knight 30 mode: Successfully complete Hero 30, Demon King 30, and Princess 30 modes to unlock Knight 30 mode. Music player: Successfully complete Hero 3 mode to unlock the music player. Press Select to access the music player....
Hammerin' Hero
Souvenirs: Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding souvenir: Page 1, Row 1 1. Student's globe: Unlock all stages. 2. Trophy: Successfully complete all stages. 3. Hammer: Defeat 20 Kuromoku employees. 4. Silver Hammer: Defeat 100 Kuromoku employees. 5. Gold Hammer: Defeat 200 Kuromoku employees. 6. Trophy: Defeat 300 Kuromoku employees. 7. Pocket watch: Play for over tw...
Hellboy - Science Of Evil
Extra health: While playing the game, quickly press Right, Down, Left, Square. Extra ammunition: While playing the game, quickly press Left, Down, Right, Circle. Extra rage: While playing the game, quickly press Left, Down, Right, Square....
Hexyz Force
Hard mode: Successfully complete the game. Then, complete the game a second time using the cleared saved game file to unlock the Hard difficulty. Sound Test: Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Sound Test" option. Item Gallery: Get the main character to level 50. For example, while playing Levant's side, he must be level 50. Then, talk to Bigabu Beaze to unlock the "Item Gallery" option....
Hot Shots Golf - Open Tee 2
Bonus courses: Defeat the indicated character to unlock the corresponding course: Autumn Pagoda: Defeat Alice. Central Golf Square: Defeat Malachy. Dino Park: Defeat Lee. El Andes: Defeat Mifune. Fortress Yard: Defeat Lee. Gamelan Island Resort: Defeat Lauryn. Golden Desert: Defeat Montcalm. Michinoku Pass: Defeat Frau Ada. Olive Coast: Defeat Frau Ada. Royal And Links: Defeat Lauryn. Bonus charac...
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