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Unlock Time Trial Mode: Beat The Game....
Kenka Bancho - Badass Rumble
Bancho Emperor Fiesta: Defeat all Banchos including the final Boss, then successfully complete Shinsengumi War to unlock Bancho Emperor Fiesta, where you fight all the other 48 Banchos. Infinite Shinsengumi War: Successfully complete Shinsengumi War to unlock Infinite Shinsengumi War. Alternate endings: Successfully complete the indicated events to unlock the corresponding ending: Aya Kondo Day 2 ...
Killzone - Liberation
Unlockable abilities: You can access the ability selection screen by pressing square on the weapon selection screen. Abilities are unlockable bonuses that let you do certain things, like carrying 3 grenades or having 50% more health. You can unlock these abilities by aquiring a certain amount of points. Points can be collected by completing challenges. Result Code Unlock 50% More health - 300 Poin...
King Of Fighters Collection - The Orochi Saga
Bonus characters: At the "Challenges" screen, complete the ones marked as "Secret Characters" to unlock Rugal and Saishu in King Of Fighters '95, Chizuru and Goenitz in King Of Fighters '96, and Orochi Shermie, Orochi Chris, Orochi Yashiro, Orochi Leona, and Orochi Iori in King Of Fighters '97....
Kingdom Hearts - Birth By Sleep
Final Story: Collect all Xehanort Reports with each character and complete their story modes to unlock the Final Story. Trinity Archives option: Successfully complete Story mode with any character to unlock the "Trinity Archives" option. Blank Points preview: Successfully complete all of the following tasks to unlock a preview of the next game in the series. Successfully complete the Final Story i...
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