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Valhalla Knights
Secrets: Monster becomes Super strong: Beat the game and at the end of the credits, you will have a choice to save. Save and load your game. Go to the entrance of the prison and talk to the guard. He will ask if your a true adventurer. Select the first option and the monster will becomes stronger than normal. Talk to the guard again and select the 2nd option to return the monsters to normal. MP re...
Valhalla Knights 2
Getting allies for your party: You can get allies for your party in the Targus Guild. It costs 500g for the first ally, 1,000g for the second, etc. When in the guild, go to the woman with the cigar on the left. Select the first option (Ally). You will see four options, "Add Ally", "Remove Ally", "Find New Ally", and "Dismiss". Select the "Find New Ally" option to make a new member for your party. ...
Valkyria Chronicles 2
Titles: Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding title. Titles are listed in the squad name in Avan's room. Aces Among Aces: Deploy a specific unit 50 times. And Company: Recruit 40 squad members. Anti-Tank Squad: Change to Lancer Elt/Mbl Lancer. Artistic: Successfully complete Chloe's mission. Artists: Defeat "Kauzie the Artist". Attack Squad: Level Lancer class to 10....
Valkyrie Profile - Lenneth
Character Art: Aquire all of a character's voices in the Voice collection, then press Square on that character to see a piece of character art. Unlock Seraphic Gate: Beat the game and save after the Fin screen. You will now be able to access Seraphic Gate through the main menu. Secret Scene: Wait after the credits finish and you will see a scene involving Bramms and Lezard. This can only be posibl...
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