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Brain Lara Cricket 2005
Cheats: At the 'Options' menu go to 'Cheats' and then to the relevant item you want to unlock and type in the password. Unlocks ALL Teams: GOODLENGTH Unlocks ALL the Classic Players: GONEFORADUCK Unlocks the Classic XI Challenge: STUMPED Unlocks ALL Classic Matches: BOWLEDHIM Unlocks ALL Trophys: DOLLY Unlocks the Bonuses: CAUGHTANDBOWLED Unlocks the Picture Gallery: SLEDGING Unlock Don Bradman (D...
Bratz - Forever Diamondz
Access codes to the laptop: In the bratz office, there is a access laptop thing. type in 'treatz' to get 25 free treatz for your pet. other codes are: 'jewelz'...
Brave - The Search for Spirit Dancer
Button Cheats: Must be from the Main Menu/Main Menu (Options) Press the Below Buttons for the effect Note: this will make it so you are unable to Save Unless you Load your game back or Restart. Code Result Up, Up, Down, Circle, L1, Left, R1, Right - Altenate Totem Unlock Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Up, Down, Up - Anti-Grave Hair Down, Left, Up, Right, R2, L2, R2, L2 - Inf Arrows Up, Down, Up, Dow...
Brian Lara Cricket 2007
Hint: To unlock the cheats option, complete and win all the batting and bowling trophies To increase custom player's batting and bowling skill: first create any custom player and then goto skills option and decrease the fielding skills you will get some points in the available points use the points to increase the batting and bowling skills.Now your custom player can bat and bowl fast with maximum...
Cheats: Current Cheats: Alternate Clothing Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item. Black ninja costume: Completely fill your yearbook. Black skate shoes: Walk at least 50 km. BMX champion costume: Complete a bike race. Boxing costume: Complete the Boxing Challenge or Prep Challenge in Chapter 2. Crash helmet: Finish in first place in the Kart Race at the Carnival. Dunce hat: ...
All racers Press R2(3), L1, Triangle, L2(3), R1, Square at the title screen. Ending bonuses Successfully complete the game to unlock the Free Run mode (no vehicles on the road), Free Run Twin mode (two player Free Run), and Credits options. Face Off option Successfully complete championship mode once to unlock Face Off 1 against the Roadster. Roadster Defeat the Roadster in Face Off 1 to unlock it...
Burnout - Revenge
Unlock Madden Van: Have a saved game from Madden NFL 06 on your memory card. Unlockable Cars: Black Elite Racer : Achieve Elite Rank. Criterion GT Racer : Finish the White Mountian Challenge. Custom Classic : Finish the Sunshine Keys Challenge. Dominator Assassin : There must be a Burnout 3 game save on your memory card. EA GT Racer : Finish the Central Route Challenge. Etnies Racer : Finish the M...
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