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Hint: More food Pay $10 for cultivation to get an increase of approximately ten units of food. Hint: Easy dragon defeat Hire a wyvern and use it to kill the dragon....
Godzilla - Monster War
Mecha Godzilla Press L, R, Y, X, A, B at the title screen. Spacecraft Hold L + R and press Up, Left, Right, Down, Y, X, B, A at the title screen. Start with Super Fireball Hold Y when powering on the game. When you start, you will get the Super Fireball. Note: This does not work for certain game paks....
Goof Troop
Level Passwords Effect Password Level 2 Banana - Red Diamond - Cherry - Banana - Cherry Level 3 Cherry - Red Diamond - Blue Diamond - Cherry - Banana Level 4 Red Diamond - Cherry - Blue Diamond - Blue Diamond - Red Diamond Level 5 Banana - Cherry - Blue Diamond - Red Diamond - Banana - Pro Action Replay Unlimited Lives 828B16A5 Goofy Moves Faster 838E1D02 838E2DFD...
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