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Cheat At the Tonight's Matchup screen, rotate the D Pad while pressing the B button 13 times. On the 13th press, hold down the button while continuing to rotate the D Pad until the court apperas. This code will give you Powerup Dunks in which you can dunk from half Court....
NHLPA Hockey '93
Here's a few passwords to get the finals Pittsburgh - CZG17L7V9YJD1TWB Los Angeles - BN6YXD36G0S92X42 New York - DBGT0J7M1JY287C2 Chicago - G2M7083K1GFF44YP...
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy
Passwords: Ninja Gaiden Effect Password Act I LXAYAX Act II AXXRYA Act III XYBRLX Act IV BRABYY Act V XAYXLL Act VI RYRLAX Passwords: Ninja Gaiden II Effect Password Act I AABXYR Act II XLRBBA Act III LYBARR Act IV ALXYYB Act V RAABXL Act VI YLRAYR Act VII BBXYAL Passwords: Ninja Gaiden III Effect Password Act I BYRLXA Act II ARRYAL Act III LBRYLY Act IV RRBAYX Act V YABXRX Act VI BXXAXY Act VII X...
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