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Pokemon Diamond
if you want to get these pokemon go to these routes: bidoof - route 201 and 202. dialga - go to spear pillar in mount cornet. nosepass - cycling road. probopass level up nosepass at mount cornet. giratina - turnback cave after you have beaten the elite four. octillery - sunshore city and pokemon leage. gyrados - use super rod almost anywere. drifloon - go to valley of the windworks on friday. shay...
Power Monger
Level select Enter 99999999CYJjQ as a password....
Power Rangers Zeo - Battle Race
Bonus course and character: Finish in first place in every course to obtain a score of 320 points. The Sky Course (an extremely long and difficult course) and a special character with maximum grip, acceleration, and speed (250 kph) will be available. - Action Replay E Energy 7E9A2601 Z Energy 7E1A2271 Infinite Time FF413909 Infinite Health FF603D67...
Prince of Persia
Sound Test When playing, press and hold start, then select. Level Passwords Enter the following at the password screen: Level 10 - 120 Minutes Remaining N5SRAWL Level 11- 120 Minutes Remaining UR16AAA Level 12 - 120 Minutes Remaining NXGPWAW Level 13 - 120 Minutes Remaining UKZFAWA Level 14- 120 Minutes Remaining Z1D6AWW Level 15 - 120 Minutes Remaining ETXXWWA Level 16 - 120 Minutes Remaining ZFD...
Prince of Persia 2
Level Skip Press and hold in this order: Down, A, X and L. Start a new game and press Select to skip a level....
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