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Cheats & Codes: Aerowings (Sega Dreamcast)
Release Date: 09/07/1999
Developer: CSK Research Institute Corp.
Publisher: Crave Entertainment, Inc.
Genres: Flight Simulator
Co-op: Yes
ESRB: E - Everyone

AeroWings is a simulation that allows the player to fly as a member of a jet aerobatics team. The game contains a variety of jet-powered aircraft that the player can fly in several game modes. • Blue Impulse Mission: Learn 20 aerobatic maneuvers and become a member of the elite Blue Impulse team. Learn loops, rolls, and more while flying both solo and in formation. • Sky Mission Attack: Fly through a series of targets suspended in mid-air before time runs out. • Free Flight: Fly around and freely explore the landscape. • Multi Play: Up to 4 players can perform in formation simultaneously.

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