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Cheats & Codes: Ace Combat - Joint Assault (Sony PSP)
Release Date: 09/24/2010
Developer: Project Aces
Publisher: Namco Bandai Partners
Genres: Action
Co-op: Yes
ESRB: T - Teen

Ace Combat is the perfect game to have while on the move. Think about it – when you're a kid, you run around holding your arms out pretending to be a fighter plane, right? Or was that just us? Either way, having an airborne action game of this pedigree on the PSP is never unwelcome, and Joint Assault marks the first time the series has hit the handheld since Ace Combat X in 2006. So what's changed? Well, certainly not the midair firefights and frenzied atmosphere – although the visuals have been overhauled and the combat system completely redesigned to provide a closer, more visceral flight experience. While some plane games focus on simulation, Ace Combat focuses on accessibility and fun, without losing authenticity. You get to jet over plenty of real-world locations including Tokyo, London, San Francisco and more, as you take on missions to smash enemy fighter pilots out of the sky. Tactical dogfighting is the name of the game here, and the 'Enhanced Combat View' takes advantage of the huge aerial environments to provide an exhilarating atmosphere as you deliver that ace shot at high speed. When you're done with the single-player missions, get online for some multiplayer gameplay, which allows for up to eight players in an online versus scenario, or four pals in a co-op campaign.

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