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Volgarr the Viking
Steam achievements: Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats. Achievement Description 4-Minute Abs - Complete any world in 4 minutes or less. Don't Nidhoggr All the Ale - Reach Yggdrasil's roots. I Will Have My Vengeance! - Defeat ...
Hints: If you stop moving and don't touch anything for a few min, a screen will come up that shows a bunch of different vehicles and rotates them. If you have some trouble fighting those bikers on the old mine road, try this: When the fight starts press [LeftShift][V] to win. You might have to repeat it a few times....
Voodoo Nightmare
No animal attacks Pause game play when morning arrives. Then, resume game play at night, when the animals are sleeping....
On the options screen, type "WHEN THE SWEET SHOWERS OF APRIL FALL". You will then have access to a cheat menu....
VR Powerboat Racing
This game is titled also "VR Sports Powerboat Racing" Write to your name:bif - the boat go faster Password: FAN - Catamarans (Minnow) DIP - Catamarans (Pike) URN - Catamarans (Barracuda) MOP - Unsure of its effects??? ZIP - Still unsure?? EPS - Championship mode PBR - Slalom PDL - Hidden track HID - Unsure?? Cheats: (Enter your name as these) SML - Small Boat mode BIG - Big head mode POW - Big eng...
Jukebox songs: Collect trinkets to unlock more songs in the Jukebox. Secret laboratory: Collect all twenty trinkets to unlock the secret laboratory which allows access to the trophy room and Super Gravitron. Trophies: Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy in the trophy room. Complete the game. Complete the game in flip mode. Last 5 seconds on the Super Gravitron. Last 10 s...
VW Beetle Tracks & Gaps Correction of Levelcodes: Level 39: SEDUZE (not SEDUZI) Level 43: SIKOQI (not BEKUQI) Level 79: TILOZI (not TILOCI) ALL LevelCodes: Level Code Level Code 1 QEFUME 51 WEXOME 2 VEFOWE 52 PEXOWE 3 XEFOQI 53 BIXOQE 4 LEFONE 54 PEXONE 5 MEFOBE 55 KEXUBI 6 WIFOVI 56 QEXOVI 7 WIFUTE 57 XIXOTI 8 GEFUGI 58 KIXUGE 9 RIFUZI 59 KIXOZI 10 XIFUCE 60 NEXUCE 11 TEPUME 61 DERUME 12 MIPUW...
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